My firm utilized the service of Q-Med, the predecessor to Q-Law, since its formation almost two years ago. We have served as a beta site for the development of Q-Law, and have watched with eager anticipation the birth of this important software. Ours is a volume legal practice, representing primarily health care providers in thousands of matters. Q-Law enables our office to maintain information concisely, access data quickly and communicate with our clients seamlessly. Reports, including acknowledgements, status, dockets, billing and performance can be generated at the push of a button. The software is modifiable to meet whatever requests are presented by our clients. Mr. Sund and his staff have been responsive to our needs, and we would highly recommend Q-Law and its team of personnel to any firm with a need to be on the cutting edge of technology…

Jay Umansky, Attorney, Missouri

We are two years into QLAW and can say that it is the most robust and functional case management system we have ever used. It truly works.

We first looked at QLAW for collection litigation files, but found it offered far more. QLAW is now the only case management system used in our Firm. In addition to collection litigation, QLAW maintains our defense litigation, bankruptcy and transactional files.

Since most of our work is created in electronic formats (pdf or MS Word) or received from clients and adversaries in that form, QLAW allowed us to migrate to an electronic file system. Some of our litigation files would fill numerous file cabinets in the past. Now, using QLAW, we have dramatically reduced our file space needs so that today we have 80% less filing cabinets then before our move to QLAW. Unlike other E-file programs, all of the case history, timelines, reminders and documents are contained in one place, the Case File. We never have a misplaced file!

Because we have a multi-state practice, all attorneys in all our offices have 24/7/365 access to every case file, no matter where they may be at the time. Using an internet connection and Microsoft Terminal Server, we are never without access to our cases.

Support provided by QLAW is unparallel among the various products we previously used for collections and case management. And, unlike the others, QLAW is regularly updated and often these updates provide new and useful features. One such addition was the Scan Outlook Email function.

The Scan Outlook Email function is wonderful! We have been moving emails manually in to QLAW for some time, but like the ease of the new import function. In litigation cases, which are the bulk of my work, I receive many emails. Now, I can archive them as part of the well integrated case management system QLAW provides.

Thank you for your efforts in making QLAW the premier solution for case management.

Donald S. Maurice, Jr., Maurice and Needleman, P.C., New Jersey