The Company

Q-Soft is a privately held Limited Liability Corporation that specializes in the development of comprehensive software that is designed to improve the efficiency, productivity and profitability of daily in-house office operations.

Q-Soft’s software programs are tailored-made to fit the specific needs of professionals in law firms and collection agencies.

Q-Soft founder, Kurt Sund, has over 20-years of professional work experience in software development. Some of Mr. Sund’s software innovations include: Q-Law, Q-Med, The Dane Software, and Launcher.

The Glen Carbon, Illinois-based Corporation has local sales and support offices in Houston, Texas and San Francisco, California. Q-Soft is planning to expand its operations to include the cities of New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Los Angeles.

How Q-Law Got Started

In 1986, Mr. Sund owned a small collections agency, Young & Associates, in St Louis, Missouri. For a small agency, it was highly-productive and soon enough it was able to compete with larger collection firms in the Mid-Western region. Mr. Sund’s secret? The Dane Software, the first generation of Q-Law, developed solely by Mr. Sund.

During this time, owning and operating a computer was considered a luxury in smaller companies. Moreover, electronic mail was an unfamiliar concept to most small or medium sized businesses. Mr. Sund’s collections agency, with networked computers for each staff member, was taking advantage of such technologies as electronic calendaring, e-mail, desk work management, tickler systems and automated letter generation.

Simultaneously, Mr. Sund began working with collection law firms to handle the legal files for his collection agency. His company’s high productivity garnered the attention of The Law Firm of Kramer & Frank, the largest collection law firm in the Midwest and eventually partnered with The Law Firm of Kramer & Frank in 1988 to contribute to that firm’s development of its very own in-house legal software system. Since then, Mr. Sund has continued to modify and upgrade his software and sold numerous licenses of the software to other law firms in the Mid-Western-area.

In 1999, Mr. Sund founded a start-up software company and retained the service from several law firms in Silicon Valley. It was at this time in Mr. Sund’s solution software career that he recognized the lack of technology integration problem in today’s legal industry.

In addition, Mr. Sund discovered that many law practices nationally were in need of office automation technology to function efficiently in today’s fast-moving work environment.

And since every law firm (and or every business) operates in its own distinct fashion, an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all software product cannot readily satisfy every law firm’s (and or every business’s) individuality. That’s when a customized software program, such as Q-Law, is needed to meet the demands of such businesses.

Accompanying and complementing a Q-Soft customized software program is a Q-Soft team of experienced professionals who have the expertise in installing and assisting this integration. The Q-Soft team also provides online support to assist in troubleshooting and onsite training for the use of its software…