Q-Soft, LLC, develops and markets Q-Law, and offers automation services for law firms. Q-Law offers a number of advanced features to help streamline and automate the process of a variety of types of collections, from retail and commercial collections, to foreclosure, medical and bankruptcy collections. Features such as:

  • Special functions that automate retail, medical and commercial collection practices,
  • Advanced features for Creditor Bankruptcy and Foreclosure practices
  • Comprehensive Time and Billing, Trust accounting and bookkeeping functions.
  • Practice management functions, including Document Generation, Scanning and Document Management.
  • A single integrated system permits complete access to records at all times.
  • We also offer consultation and customization of Q-Law to meet your firm’s specialized needs.

Q-Law has been installed and running in numerous states , as well as overseas, for years, and has been in existence since 1995 (previously known as the Dane software). Among our many satisfied clients are collection law firms, general practice law firms, immigration law firms and real estate practice law firms, as well as collection agencies.

If your firm currently uses a Collections Software, a Time and Billing Software, and a separate Document Management Software and Scanning Software; Q-Law should be your obvious choice to manage all of these functions and more in one comprehensive solution!

Q-Law – Software with an attitude